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Ateon was established to deliver cutting edge solutions from a security and scalability perspective for the financial sector utilising blockchain technologies to support the realisation of our client’s ambition to become truly digital.



We provide cutting edge solutions for retail banking, investment, insurance, blockchain based applications and crypto-currencies. Trust us to impress you with our latest and exclusive suite of FinTech solution.
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Secure Documents

Moving from physical to digital documents is one important transformation that needs to take place in most of today’s organization to boost efficiency and agility. Securing the digital documents is the challenge in this transformation. We provide solutions for trusted originals using our patented digital stamping from Nexstamp and none-forgeable documents using blockchain.
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Smart Cities

As most IT systems are inherently automation engines in themselves, a valid option is to extend their functionality to enable the desired automation, creating customized linkages between the disparate application systems where needed.  We help you monetize your investment with our DataBrokerage solution, secure access to resources using our blockchain based identity management, and much more.
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Cyber Security

Ateon has a unified approach to Cyber Security; which helps you move ahead confidently on any channel, with any device. Our solutions Defend, Detect, Decide, and Defeat; giving you comprehensive protection against determined adversaries – internal and external for a complete, proactive information security solution.
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Who We Are


We provides cutting-edge solutions for FinTech, Secure Documents, Smart Cities, and Cyber Security.  We are a part of the Alhamrani Group which has been serving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1957.  Our sister company, Alhamrani Universal, is a leader in technology services space (ATM, POS, Security, and Transactions Processing, to name a few).

Why We Are Different



We provide services in collaboration with our partners who are recognized internationally each in his own area of expertise.  We complement each other to provide exceptional services.



We founders and executive management are recognized business and technical leaders.  We bring you innovative solutions for win-win long-lasting relation.



We are not scared of taking roads which are less traveled. We are capable of creating and implementing new cutting-edge ideas.  We thrive on innovation.


Small & Focused

We are a lean talented experienced team.  Our inner company communication is smooth and informal, which helps us focus on our core values for outstanding customer satisfaction.

Clients & Partners

Ateon is in partnership with a federation of inter-related hi-tech companies engaged in digital transformation with deep industry expertise in select industry verticals.  Our technology partners are focused, professionally run, independent but deriving synergies from each other; empowering us to deliver large and complex automation projects. Emphasis is on long-term capital gains through consistent investment in people, strategy, innovation, institutionalization and products.

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7949 Abdullah Aba Al-Khail Street,
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